Anti-Racism and the Writing Classroom:

A workbook for FYW teachers.

Reflective Questionnaire

Preflective Opening Questions 

Three Questions:

  • What do you see as the obstacles preventing you from engaging in anti-racist practice?
  • Do you consider yourself to be anti-racist?
  • Do you consider yourself to be an antiracist teacher? Why or why not?

First Set of Reflective Questions: Your Identity and Socialization

This first set of questions are intended to get you to reflect on yourself, your identities, and your socialization. Part of antiracist practice is naming things explicitly and working against “not seeing” race. For people of color, i.e. “raced” people, this is not an option and parity might look like making it less of an option for folks who feel that being raced is an option.

Use these questions to guide your self-reflection on your self and socialization: your habits, people around you, experiences that shape who you are. If you are struggling to answer these questions: that is also an important aspect of this process to reflect on. Answer as many as you can. Come back to them as you need. Learning is always recursive.  

Worksheet 1

Second Set of Reflection Questions: Classroom Ideals and Norms

Do you consider yourself to be an antiracist teacher? Why or why not?

The next set of questions are to help you think around your classroom expectations and who you are as a teacher. Your views on the importance of race, ethnicity, and racism are transmitted through everything you do in the classroom, whether you notice it or not. The goal of this reflective experience here is to surface these values so that you may more intentionally direct how they manifest and perform in your classroom. 

Worksheet 2

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