Anti-Racism and the Writing Classroom:

A workbook for FYW teachers.

Takeaways – What we know

  • This work is hard.  Maybe some of us can go only so far on the path at this time.  We present this work, then, as a challenge and as an opportunity, to try, to learn, to share.
  • This work is hard to do alone.  It is done well, or better, in supportive communities, where individuals think through the implications, call one another in (and not out), and listen to / learn from one another.  To that end, we propose and support that this work be done communally, in dialogue with others. 
  • This work is ongoing.  Being anti-racist means we understand that the learning is ongoing, that listening is key, and that we are all continuing and will continue to learn. It means that what we attempt will not be perfect, that we may fall or fail as we move forward, but that we stand up, stand with, and move forward.

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